1. Features


Track and Notify Every Move Of Your File Makes with FileGPS

File GPS is an End to End file monitoring software that Provides entire file life cycle of the file transfers


SLA Managment

FileGPS is a single solution that uniquely provides the ability for an organization to perform SLA monitoring and management across disparate IT systems and business applications.

Business end users can manage and monitor file processes and assign required SLAs. SLAs can be set at the partner, enterprise, business unit/group and file/transaction levels.

Setups And View of Alerts

SLA alerts for SLA ranges not reached,Subscription alert for every stage of file, FNR alert for If some file goes missed, FLA alert for success and failure condition of your file. All above alerts will configure in Alert Management module

It is very flexible to configure the alerts and view the alerts in FileGPS dashboard,we can also notify alerts through email



Report designer where we can generate our own reports/Graphs in our dynamic reports module

End to End Visibility

FileGPS Provides end to end visibility of the file transfers irrespective of files direction(Inbound/Outbound)


Data Security/Access Controls:

FileGPS provides fine-grain access controls for data security and restricting end-user access. The solution allows for end-users and groups to be set up to view and/or manage SLAs for a specific customer or set of customers and can also restrict viewing to a specific file from a specific customer. This enables greater business end-user participation in the solution because they won’t have access to information outside their responsibility.