Alerts option notify the users in the dashboard when alerts match the condition configured by the user. 


Login   >   Dashboard >   Alert      

User can search for the list of alerts that were generated based on the selected criteria. 

In the below scenario various application alerts such as SLA Alerts, FNR Alerts, Subscription Alerts and FLA Alerts that were raised are shown in figure 47 

Types of Alerts we can see here:

  • SLA Alert
  • FileNotReceived Alert
  • Subscription Alert
  • FileLoad Alert

When we click on the search button by providing the date range result set shown below.

Figure 1: Alerts Search 

Property  Description 
Date range  Search can be done in the time range 
Alert Type  Either may be SLA alert, FNR alert, etc., 
Client Name  Created/existing Client Name 
Client ID  Created/existing Client ID 
Alert Description  About alert 
Alert Name  Created alert name 
Search  Can perform a search on alerts 
Reset  Clears the form fields 

For example, if Alerts are being searched based on Alert type like SLA Alert, all SLA alerts raised will be displayed. 

Alert section has the ‘ACTIONS’ button where the user will have an option to view a particular alert. 

By clicking on the ‘View’ option, the user can view entire details of the particular alert. 


Figure 2: View SLA Alert 

Property  Description  Format 
Alert Name  Name given while creating an alert   
Description  Which describes the type of the alert   
Client Name  Created Client Name    
KPI Name  Name of SLA   
SLA old Value  Previous value   
SLA New Value  New Value   
File Type  File extension    
Type of SLA  Type of the agreement   
Time Reference  Time period   
From  From Date   
To  To Date   
Condition  SLA condition   
Alert Raised  Type of the alert raised   
Priority  Scheduling tasks based on the importance   
Subject  On which content    
Body  Body for email   
Cancel  Clears the values   






Updated on July 23, 2019

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