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How To Create File-Not-Received Alert

Task: To Create an FNR Alert with Alert Name ‘ACME Client Not received Files FNR Alert’.

Path: Login -> Dashboard -> Alert Management -> File not received Alert

a) When to create FNR Alert:
The predominant use case for using an FNR alert is when a client file is expected to be received before a processing window deadline. The FNR alert will notify you when the expected client file is not received by the time specified. The time specified is usually set for a time where there is sufficient time to take corrective action ahead of the processing deadline.

b) How to create FNR Alert:
With an FNR alert, Alert Name, Description, Client Name, File Count, Expected Time, Start Date, Priority, Subject, Body, and Email are mandatory fields. In the File, Name field use a file name pattern. As mentioned previously with the file name pattern, you can set it to monitor based on containing the file name pattern, starting with file name pattern or ending with the file name pattern.
File name – %Filename%
If that particular file name pattern was not received in the expected time, an alert will be generated based on the condition what set files count and in expected time. If it matches then alert will generate.
When setting up the alert you need to establish the timing for monitoring.Input the frequency with the Expected Time and the Start Date on which to start monitoring. Place content into the body that will help provide more context and information when an email is received.You can select the notification type as Dashboard, Email or both.

Procedure to follow:

  1. Enter Alert Name(ACME Client Not received Files FNR Alert)
  2. Enter Description(ACME Client Not received files daily notification)
  3. Select the Client Name(ACME Client)
  4. Select Files Count(files count number)
  5. Select Expected Time(Daily)
  6. Select Time Range(time range)
  7. Select Start Date.
  8. Select Priority.
  9. Enter Subject and Body.
  10. Click on Email button to provide Email-ID for which Alert notification need to be sent to.

Note: All the mentioned fields are Mandatory(*).

After filing all the fields with data and click on Create as referred below.

Figure 1: Create an FNR Alert


Refer below Image which displays FNR Alert is created successfully.

                              Figure 2On Successful creation of FNR Alert

In the Above Configured FNR Alert ‘ACME Client Not received Files FNR Alert’  where the ACME Client not received the Files matching with the file count in between configured time range then alert notification is raised as shown below in filegps dashboard 

 Figure 3FNR Alert View

Updated on July 23, 2019

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