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How To Create Subscription Alert

Task: Create Subscription Alert with Alert Name ‘ACME Client received Start Subscription Alert’

Login -> Dashboard -> Alert Management -> Subscription Alert

a) When to create Subscription Alert:
Whenever the client subscribe for a particular event, when it receives that subscribed event then alert will raise.
Type of events:
Here we have to subscribe to a particular event in File transfer Process to a particular client.If a file matches that subscription event of that Particular client it will raise an alert.

b) How to create subscription Alert:
In Subscription alert, alert name, description, client name, type, priority, subject, body are the mandatory fields. Based on the condition if it matches the condition then alert will generate.Need to give alert content to get dashboard alert and email alert.

Procedure to Follow: In Create Subscription alert screen enter the below details

  1. Enter Alert Name(ACME Client received Start Subscription Alert).
  2. Enter Description.
  3. Select Client Name(ACME Client).
  4. Select Type(Start).
  5. Select Priority.
  6. Enter Subject and Body.
  7. Click on Email button to provide Email-ID for which Alert notification need to be sent to.

Note: All the mentioned fields are Mandatory(*).

After filling all the fields with data and click on Create as referred below.

 Figure 1: Create Subscription Alert

Refer below Image which displays Subscription Alert is created successfully.

Figure 2: Successful creation of Subscription Alert

In the above created ACME Client received Start Subscription Alert where the ACME Client receives the start files then alert notification is raised as shown below in filegps dashboard 

Figure 3: Subscription Alert view 

Updated on July 29, 2019

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