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How To Create and Manage Business Unit

Task: Create a Business Unit using Business Unit Name “CSR team” and Business Unit Id “CSR001″(Unique) and manage a Business Unit.

Mandatory Fields description:
Business Unit Name(Mandatory Field)
Business Unit Id(Mandatory Field)

Procedure to Follow:

  1. Enter the Business Unit Name with the name(CSR team).
  2. Enter the Business Unit Id with the Unique Id(CSR001).

Figure 1: Business Unit Creation  

Below Image displays that Business Unit has been Added Successfully.

 Figure 2: On Successful creation of Business Unit 

Manage Business Unit:

 Edit field “INV001” has been replaced with “INV002”

In the same screen you can Manage the Business Unit.

If you want to make changes to the records like Edit/Delete follow steps:
1. On the displayed records click on Action Tab.
2. Select the type of Action you want perform for the record refer below.Action Tab

Figure 3: Manage Business Unit Screen

In the Edit field “INV001” has been replaced with “INV002” and click on Update.
User can edit all the changes which are necessary and click to update as referred below.

Figure 4: Edit Business Unit 

This action will delete the entire Client record permanently as referred below.

Figure 5: On successful deletion of Business Unit 


Updated on July 29, 2019

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