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How To Create and Manage Route

Task: To Create a Route using Route Name “SFG to FS” and Route Steps “SGG/FS″.

Mandatory Fields description:

While creating client these are the fields required:
Route Name: Route name of applications
Route Steps: Steps of Applications

Figure 1: Create Route Configuration  

New Route has been successfully created, refer below.

Figure 2: Successful creation of Route

Manage Route:
Task: Edit field “InvoicesRoute1” has been replaced with “InvoicesRoute2”

In the same screen you can Manage the Business Unit.
If you want to make changes to the records like Edit/Delete follow steps:
1. On the displayed records click on Action Tab.
2. Select the type of Action you want perform for the record as referred below.

 Figure 3: Manage Route Screen 

In the Edit field “InvoicesRoute1” has been replaced with “InvoicesRoute2”

User can edit all the changes which are necessary and click to update as referred below.

Figure 4: On Successful updation of Route 

This action will delete the entire Client record permanently as referred below.

Figure 5: On Successful deletion of Route 

Updated on July 29, 2019

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