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How To Create User and Manage it

Task: Creating a User using User Id: “CNR User” with role “Superadmin″ and performing actions in Manage User

Mandatory Fields description:

While creating User these are the fields required:
User Id: This Fields accepts Created User ID.
Password: This Fields accepts password.
Role: This Fields accepts Role assigned.
First Name: This Fields accepts First name of the user.
Last Name: This Fields accepts Last name of the use.
Email: This Fields accepts Email Id.
Status: This Fields accepts status i.e(active/inactive status).

Procedure to Follow:

  1. Enter the User Id with the name(CNR User).
  2. Enter the Password.
  3. Enter the Role with the assigning role(SuperAdmin).
  4. Enter the First Name.
  5. Enter the Last Name.
  6. Enter the Email Id.
  7. Select the Status Dropdown.

Figure 1Configurable Create User. 

User created successfully, refer below.

Figure 2: On Successful Create User  

Manage User:
To search for the User created in the Create User module we need to fill the following fields to search that particular client.
If you want to make changes to the User records like Edit/Delete/Activate/Deactivate follow steps:
1. On the displayed records click on Action Tab.
2. Select the type of Action you want perform for the record.

NOTE: User can also search for the records by any field in the screen.
After providing the fields, Click on search to display all the related records as referred below.

Figure 3: Manage User  

User can edit all the changes which are necessary and click to update.
Client update is done successful, refer below.

Figure 4: On Successful Updation of Create User  

This Action will display all the actions along with Activate/Deactivate.
User status is Active, refer below.

Figure 5: On Successful Deactivation of Create User  

This action will delete the entire user record permanently, refer below.

Figure 6: On Successful deletion of Create User  

Updated on July 29, 2019

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