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How to Manage Client

Task: Edit the Client Id of ACME Client from “ACME001” to “ACME01” and view all changes in View Activity and Delete the Client.                                                                                                     Client Name:
Name given while creating the Client
Client ID:
Unique Identification alpha numeric code
Time to Process:
Time taken form one Node to another node
Success Percentage:
Configurable Success ratio as a standard
Search for the result grid based on given criteria
Reset Search:
Clear the input field values to make a new search
Saves the values and updates the records
Clears all the filled inputs such that user can have search for new records

Procedures to Follow:
To search for the client created in the Create Client module we need to fill the following fields to search that particular client.

  1. Enter created Client Name(ACME Client).
  2. Enter Created Client Id(ACME001).
  3. Enter the Time given to process(3 Hours).
  4. Enter Success Percentage(100%).

NOTE: User can also search for the records by any field in the screen.
After providing the fields, Click on search to display all the related records as referred below.Manage Client
If you want to make changes to the records like Edit/Delete/View Activity follow steps:
1. On the displayed records click on Action Tab.
2. Select the type of Action you want perform for the record refer below.Action Tab
Action Tab
In the Edit field “ACME001” has been replaced with “ACME01” and click on Submit.
User can edit all the changes which are necessary and click to update referred below.
Field Update
Client update is done Successful referred below.

View Activity:
This Action will display all the actions done to the file  specifying the User Access along with date and time referred below.

This action will delete the entire Client record permanently referred below.

Updated on July 19, 2019

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