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How to generate a Dynamic Report

Task: To generate a dynamic report pie chart for count of client names and node-ids in last month

Procedures to Follow:
To generate a dynamic chart we need to follow the following procedure.

  1. Enter the Time range along with start and end date values need to select for report generation
  2. Select the report viewer options beside report name to save the reports in all reports or my reports
  3. Select the type of chart to generate
  4. Drag and drop of columns required to the X-axis(column names) ,Y-axis(count),X-axis Filter(column names with filter) and Y-axis Filter for query to generate
  5. And then click on Generate report.

After assigning all the above parameters we can generate report by clicking on option generate report then it generates reports and saves in report viewer

Dynamic Reports

we can also save and reset reports in this module

Updated on July 19, 2019

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