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How to search for a file

Task: Search for files received from Client “ACME Client” in between 07/10/2018 00:00:01 and 07/12/2018 23:59:00.

Procedures to Follow:
To search for the Files received  we need to follow the following procedure.

  1. Enter the arrived duration of files you want to search(from date and  to date 11/14/2018 14:33:49 and 11/20/2018 15:33:49).
  2. Enter the source application from which the files are transferred.
  3. Enter the client name from which you are expecting the files(ACME Client).
  4. Enter the client id of respective client(ACME001).
  5.  Enter the error message(translation failed etc..).
  6. Enter the Source and Destination file names.
  7. Select the status of the file .

Note: All the above mentioned fields are optional.

After providing all the fields, Click on search to display all the related records as shown below.

Updated on July 19, 2019

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